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  • Standard charging rates must be agreed when registering with IPS. Thirty days notice in writing must be given to IPS for any changes to standard charge rates.
  • Standard working days are 10 hours up to a maximum of 12, after which extra hours arepayable at the agreed rate. Working hours are based on departure from and return to the IPSwarehouse. If travelling direct to site, working hours are based on arrival and departure timeonsite.
  • Terms must be agreed with you IPS contact for each engagement and a Purchase Order Issued


  • Freelance staff must be covered by their own liability insurance. A current copy of the liabilityinsurance certificate should be submitted when registering with IPS. This should be updated asrequired.


  • IPS projects cover multiple event disciplines, and all crew are expected to arrive in appropriateclothing that will allow the work to be undertaken safely, comfortably and in accordance withHealth and Safety regulations.
  • IPS supply branded clothing (Hi-Vis vests, T-Shirts and Fleeces) to all onsite freelance staff,please let your IPS contact know if clothing is required at time of engagement.
  • Freelancers must have suitable Safety footwear, Hi-Vis vest/Jacket, Hard hat and gloves whenworking for IPS.
  • IPS request that where possible all clothing should be black and have minimal branding. ForIndoor and/or corporate projects alternative show clothing may be required.


  • Freelance staff are required to supply a copy of their driving license when registering with IPSand declare any penalty points or driving convictions.
  • If any penalty points or driving convictions are received, IPS should be informed as thisinformation is required by the IPS insurance policy.
  • IPS has a fleet insurance policy which covers all IPS vehicles. Any driver over the age of 25 withan appropriate and valid license can drive the vehicle for IPS related purposes. Drivers underthe age of 25 can be insured as named drivers, and written confirmation that this is in place willbe required before vehicles can be driven.
  • Drivers are responsible for all fines, including parking offences and congestion zone penaltiesand related costs. Where some types of parking fines are not avoidable due to nature of workrequired, confirmation must be made with your IPS contact that IPS will cover fines for thatproject.
  •  In the case of vehicle damage or an accident, an IPS accident report form must be completed. Drivers may be liable for the excess payable or the full amount of any damage if driving dangerously or under the influence of drink or drugs.

5. Equipment

  • IPS and Freelance staff must take care of all IPS and sub-hired equipment. When de rigging and packing away equipment, items should be returned in the correct flight cases.
  • Equipment is checked for loss and damage on return to IPS following a project, and IPS and freelance staff are accountable for the safe return of equipment on their jobs. Please notify the Warehouse Manager and/or your IPS contact if equipment is known to be broken or missing so that the appropriate action can be taken.

6. Travel Expenses

  • IPS typically provide transport from the IPS Office/Warehouse to the event location.
  • No travel expense is paid for travel from home to IPS Office/Warehouse to pick up Company transport.
  • Travel expenses may be paid to freelance staff for travel from home directly to a site if agreed in advance with your IPS contact.
  • IPS mileage rate is at 25p per mile

7. Food Onsite

  • All sustenance must be agreed with your IPS contact and this will be added to your purchase order. This will need to be charged to IPS on your invoice (as a separate line), using the below rates.
  • Meal rates are superseded by any onsite crew catering arrangements made by IPS or Client.

IPS agreed rates for meals are as follows:

  • Breakfast @£5.00
  • Lunch @£8.00
  • Dinner @£15.00

These rates will apply under the following conditions:


i. Working on site and your day starts before 6am you will be entitled to Breakfast


i. Working on site, and your day started before 9am, if you are working onsite past 2pm you will be entitled to lunch.


i. Working on site, and your day started before 11am, if you are working onsite past 8pm you will be entitled to Dinner.

8. Health and Safety

  • Everyone onsite has a responsibility to

i. work safely and to take care of their own safety and those personnel working alongside them. Everyone must be aware of and comply with any legal and Health & Safety regulations relating to their work and must wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment.

ii.familiarise themselves with the IPS H&S Policy, and any event specific documentation suchas risk assessments and method statements.

iii.attend the onsite safety briefing before work commences.

9.Invoicing and Payment

  • Invoices should be sent direct to the accounts department by email at accounts@ips.co.uk andshould always have the following information shown:

Date of work

Project Name or location

Job Number or Purchase order number

IPS contact

Labour, Food Costs and Travel must be sperate line items

  • Invoices should always match the amount on the purchase order that has been issued.
  • Invoices will be processed for payment within 30 day of invoice date subject to no discrepanciesor queries.
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